Book Design Intern

Duration – June – August, 2022
Location – Central Oregon (our studio’s exact location is in Sisters)
Role – Book Design / Marketing Design / Production
Pay – $15 an hour / full time / Mon-Fri / 8AM – 5PM

Important Notes
– The best candidates will be interested in a fast-paced environment, have disciplined work habits and be very open to art direction.
– it will be the intern’s personal responsibility to figure out housing for the duration of the summer
– that personal responsibility will also include gas, food, and traveling arrangements
– ideally the intern will be present in-studio for the entire 3 month duration of our internship
– this internship is best suited for juniors

To Apply:

Please email your digital portfolio and/or a link to your online portfolio along with a resume to info@faceoutstudio.com.

We would also love to hear why you think this internship would be a good fit for you.