Band Member

Up and coming local band is looking for a graphic designer to develope art work for an album cover. Anyone interested should contact us through email to recieve more details.

Band Profile:
Created in the Columbia River Gorge The Greenneck Daredevils have a lot of fun jamming original americana roots bluegrass. The band started playing together in March of 2013 in preparation for an anniversary party for Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River, Or. After the first gig the Greennecks knew they were on to something, Each member of the band brings unique style to the table.
Singer/ songwriter Billy Sheeley has a great mixture of original songs crossing into many different genres of music, mixing in a certain southern twang showcasing his South Austin up-bringing.
Matt Farmer also of The Shed Shakers has amazing harmonies and electrifying mandolin solos. Matt is a mover and Shaker in The Columbia River Gorge music scene finding his way onto many stages around the area.
Ryan Kolberg is a professionally trained stand-up bass player with a degree from the Berklee School of Music, Ryan lays down a solid bass line in every type of song Billy throws at him
Matt Swihart owner/ operator of Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River, Or is definitely the wild card. Not only is Matt a ripping banjo player with fantastic harmonies, his charisma and since humor come through at the live performances.
Andrew Mcwilliams is also one of the best slide guitar players in Gorge. with his amazing solos and melodic rhythms Andrew rounds out the band as real force in Bluegrass.

These forces combine create a sound that has something for everyone. Great original songs with fun harmonies.

To Apply:

Were looking for someone to submit a few new ideas for a band logo as well as art work for our completed first ful length album .

The best way to get an understandiing of what were looking for is to check out our Greenneck Daredevils youtube videos as well as our facebook page to get an Idea of our style of music.

This could be a unique opportunity for someone looking to develope branding for an up and coming musical group.

The definition of a Greenneck might help describing what this band is all about.

Greenneck- An environmentalist who practices ’traditional’ outdoor skills and pursuits (hunting/fishing/winemaking, etc) on the grounds that they represent a more sustainable local alternative to industrial agriculture. The word’s origin is rooted in someone who acts like a redneck, for ”green” motives.

Please contact us through email for more details about compensation and future opportunities.

Billy Sheeley