Assistance with logo design for small business

Existing local espresso bar (mobile-ish) seeks a solid logo to launch our brand with possibility for future creative projects.

IG: mooncoffeepdx
FB: mooncoffeepdx
Our website and social aren’t exactly where we want them to be so they may not be the best references at the time.

We can provide a creative brief or collection of images/vision board etc.

To Apply:

Looking for clean, but not stringent. Modern but not trendy.
Attracted to hand drawn lettering, as well as, digital multi-layered/color options. We tend to stray away from corporate and overly scripty typography.
We’ll need the flexibility and translation from basic b&w to color and adaptability for varying sizes.
Animation is a plus!!

If interested please send an email with links to some of your work and we can send some visual ideas we have as well.