New course for WINTER: Art 399 The Studio Collective!

Posted on Nov 4th, 2013 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

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Enroll in The Studio Collective. TSC is a framework for thinking and making smart solutions that consider our community, our shared resources and the realities of our consumptive culture.

In this class you will work with creative thinkers from different backgrounds and disciplines, meet local innovators who have taken the lead in creating lasting value and you will learn about sustainable processes and materials.

The Collective is collaborative. This course is open to all majors.

The Art + Design building will be our subject and our client. This building has the potential to be a visual and strategic hub for on-going education, celebration and change in and about sustainable practices. This course proposes to look at how the art and design community connects to waste streams and to propose solutions and opportunities that are value added, waste neutral and totally inspiring.

ART 399-003 M/W 2:00-4:50
CRN 45379 4 credits
Contact Chris North

Graphic design students: if you are on the print track you need 471 to graduate. This class will count for your 471 requirement. If you are planning on graduating in the winter and are print track you MUST take 471 before taking 472. This class also counts towards your upper division requirements as well.