Posted on Jan 28th, 2018 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Meet your Mentor/Mentee! 

For those of you who signed up to participate in the Mentorship program, we have matched you up with a Mentor or Mentee. With the Sophomore Portfolio Review now on the horizon, let’s kick off our new friendships by eating pizza, talking strategy, and breaking the ice.

It’s also O-K if your Mentor/Mentee can’t make it— come hang out anyway! There will be lots of useful information that you can share with them later, and plenty of sweet people to hang out with.

Forgot to sign up for Mentorship? It’s not too late! Please fill out the form to be a Mentor here: or fill out the form to be a Mentee here: OR join us at Thursday’s event, and we can help you get signed up.

The Mentorship program was created to pair Sophomores with a Junior or Senior to support them through the Sophomore Portfolio Review that happens in the Spring. A Mentor can be an extra set of eyes, a cheerleader in the crowd, and just someone to relate to who can honestly say, “I’ve been there.” Anyone in the PSU.GD program can participate. Sign up for Mentorship today!

Please RSVP so we know a good number for getting PIZZA 🙂

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