Mentorship 2019 is coming!

Posted on Nov 27th, 2018 by Sean Schumacher

Anxious about the Sophomore Portfolio Review? Want to connect with your classmates and make your work the best it can be? The PSUGD Mentorship program is coming soon to help!

Sign ups for both mentors and mentees will kick off early in Winter term 2019. Watch for posters throughout the Art Building and Annex beginning in January. Whether you’re prepping for review or already through it, it’s a great chance to grow your work and community at once.

Looking to get an early start on your SPR prep over the break? Check out the Sophomore Portfolio Review page at for the basics. There, we have a great review guide that was used last year and it’s a great place to start to review the Review. It’s filled with tips, a calendar, the rubric and other helpful tools to guide you through this process while you are waiting for the 2019 guide to arrive!