Meet My Fridge Social Practice Event

Posted on Oct 25th, 2009 by Command Save


Calling all Portland State graphic design students! We are seniors Minji Pak, Scott Bryant and Michelle Vargas and we would like you to take part in our “Meet My Fridge” social practice activity on Tuesday, October 27th from 12pm-2pm in the Art Annex Building!

So what is this “Meet My Fridge” activity, you ask? As a team, we are curious about what each and every PSU graphic design student’s eating habits are and what food lies within in their refrigerator. So whether you’re a vegetarian or a junk food fanatic, we want you to come out and share your eating habits (don’t worry, we won’t report you to your doctor)! Besides, we’ll be giving out a special prize and muffins to all who attend! How cool is that??


Now you’re wondering, “How Do I Participte?” It’s simple:

1) Take and upload a photo of the inside of your refrigerator to the “Meet My Fridge” Flickr group at

2) Attend our event on Tuesday, October 27 from 12pm-2pm in the Art Annex Building, have fun, meet new friends, get a special prize and snack on muffins!

3) Check out the “Meet My Fridge” blog ( after October 27th to read participant profiles (and refrigerator photo if available) and their eating habits!

Hope to see you all there!