Matthew Walsh // PSU Adjunct Professor

Posted on Jan 10th, 2009 by Command Save

Matthew in front of some of his thesis show work 

Matthew in front of some of his Cranbrook thesis show work
Matt Gavin Walsh's website

Please tell us a little about your education.
A bachelor's in graphic design from Herron School of Art (Indianapolis) and a masters in the same from Cranbrook Academy of Art (Bloomfield Hills, but really near Detroit) and a few wallops on the head from life in the form of hard knockin'.
What is the focus of your creative research?
History, pop culture, portraiture and politics. A smattering of poetry and lyric dreamer luftmensch-ness and a pinch of humor.

What courses have you taught?
Page Design, Web Design, Digital Illustration, Minicomics 
Please share some books and/or peridicals and/or links to sites that inspire you.
Bill Bryson's a Short History on Nearly Everything,,, Collected Poems by Frank O'Hara, anything written during the Roman / Byzantine time