Contribute a logo! Logos + Students in Belguim + The Netherlands + Free book (And Possibly Get Published + Posters Made)

Posted on Feb 26th, 2009 by Command Save



We have been invited to contribute to a project called 'NEW LOGO FOR NIKE', in which Graphic design students of two schools (KASK and ARTEVELDE HIGHSCHOOL) were asked to reinvent a new logo for Nike. (Currently, a third school in the Netherlands is being contacted for participation.)
We were contacted by Professor Parcifal Neyt who wrote:

"However, the design of a new Nike logo is rather absurd, as the existing logo is unlikely to be improved. Designing a complete new logo for Nike is therefore useless, except as a conceptual project to see what happens if you try to design a completely new logo for a brand of which the (visual) image is so vast and has conquered the world as a whole. Personally, every time I aim to create a new Nike logo, the old one turns up before my eyes. It is like The Sword of Damocles is hanging above your head.
Because the Nike "Swoosh" logo is a design created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University, I was wondering if it is possible to cooperate with the students of graphic design department of your school?
If you are interested in participating with this project, please read the following:

This isn't a "real" assignment. Its an experiment, a serious experiment!
There are no specific terms, except: the logos must be presented on a white page A4 or American letter format. The students can decide for themselves how much energy they put into the design.
In the end my plan is to make a book and even a small exposition out of the designs. (Every competitor will receive a copy of that book for free)
For the making of the book there will not be any selection, every logo of every participant will be published!!
The logos will also be placed in low resolution on the website
On this site it is possible for other people to publish their contribution
(Please do not inform the students about this website before their actual contribution)
It is possible that a graphic design studio 'Studio Luc Derycke' will publish the book.
For the exposition I was planning to separate the logos into two parts, and only showing the logo without the letters NIKE. And this in comparison with the SWOOSH. (I will print the designs myself in silkscreen on a larger paper (50/70 cm), I will send you the posters so you can also organize a small exposition if you want.)
And if we cannot round off the project this school year, we will do it next school year.
But one thing is for sure, 
we just do it!
Parcifal Neyt