KBB Button Maker Stolen By Scum Bags Fun Raiser

Thank you!!! We reached our goal!!! I will be in touch with all of you who donated soon, look for updates here, on Twitter as well as Instagram

My name is Ian Whitmore, I teach with Kate Bingaman-Burt at Portland State University. I have created to this page to let you know that Kate was recently the victim of theft. Her suitcase, which held all the materials for her well known zine workshops as well a huge archive of her own zine collection was stolen from her car the night before she was to give a zine workshop in Chicago.

I have spoken with friends and her students and decided to see if we can replace these things for Kate since so many of us have benefitted from using her supplies and working with her in various other ways.
If you know Kate you know that she gives everything she has to her teaching through her job as faculty but also through workshops about illustration and self-publishing. She helps empower designers and artists, young and old, through simple tools and great ideas. She is inspiring and selfless.
I’d like to help replace the following items:
  1. 1″ Button Maker w/ 1″ Graphic Punch ($360)
  2. Booklet stapler ($40.00)
  3. Stamp Kit ($20.00)
  4. Markers , Pens, Colorless Blenders