Jessica Hische / Drop Cap Workshop

Posted on May 2nd, 2010 by Command Save


Drop Caps by Jessica Hische taken from her website

Be Honest is right around the corner (next Wednesday!!), but before the big night we have another exciting event involving the incredibly talented Jessica Hische! As most of you know Jessica makes BEAUTIFUL drop caps and runs the blog Daily Drop Caps where she posts a new one daily (or at least Monday through Friday). The Drop Caps are available under Creative Commons Licensing so they can be used on your own blog for example. Jessica has been kind enough to come and lead a Drop Cap workshop! Take some time to look through Jessica's Drop Caps and start thinking about how you want to make your own! Bring pencil, paper, computer, felt, whatever you think you'll want to use to make your Drop Cap and Jessica will help you make your very own and share some tips and tricks about how she makes hers. 


Drop Caps by Jessica Hische taken from her website

The workshop is going to be held THIS TUESDAY from 12-2 in the Art Annex (the room is as of yet TBA, we will keep you updated). We are capping (oh SNAP) the workshop at 25 students so there will be a signup post on the Friends of Graphic Design blog on Monday at noon. Be sure to check the blog and reserve your spot. This is an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from an incredibly talented typographer! 

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