Posted on Jul 10th, 2009 by Clifton Burt


Brace yourselves for a wolf-like assault of information from Internetland ….

To offset the textures links in my last post, this week I'm posting up links about minimalism in web design. A quiet focus on minimalism has been around for a while now, but I've noticed that it's gaining a momentum. I think I like that?

siiimple – a minimalist design gallery

Minimalism in web design

56 Light & Clean Website Designs Using a Minimalist Color Scheme  (my fave of the three)

Don't Make Me Think. No Really, Don't.
Of the books you might pick up on the subject of web-building, Don't Make Me Think is an important one. It's about designing navigation from a user's perspective. In the following link, UX Booth has served up the book on a silver platter for you by boiling it down to the 10 most important take-aways. 

10 Usability Lessons from Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think | UX Booth

More Photoshop Than You Can Shake A Stick At
In my last post, I posted up 20 tutorials on Photoshop-as-web design-tool. This time I'm coming at you with 70!

70 Tutorials Using Photoshop To Design A Website | Creative Nerds

This sliding panel plugin for WordPress is one of the smoothest of its kind that I've come across. It looks pretty easy to implement too… 
A slick sliding panel plugin for WordPress

…which leads me to my next thought….the single-page website.

There are many websites that are too big. Mine is one of them, probably yours too. The content is needlessly spread out over countless pages pages of mostly empty repetition. I'm a big fan of one-page website with lots of content. Could a contact form be tucked into a sliding panel by using something like the plugin listed above? Could there be multiple sliding panels, like a system of drawers? Maybe, maybe not. But it's something to think about.  Info-chunks should fight for the right to be given their own page, and they should lose often.

74 Fresh Examples Of Beautiful Single Page Website Designs

And Finally…
If you CSS is giving you problems, keep working at it
15 Must Read Articles for CSS Beginners

There are actually some good ideas in this post that can be absorbed in a couple of minutes
Five Minute Upgrade – Making Your Design Pop

Lastly, just for fun…
How to Make a Threadless Style T-Shirt Gallery

Go Build Stuff!