Interested in helping the Sierra Club with Information/Display Design?

Posted on Sep 25th, 2009 by Command Save

The Sierra Club will have an event on Oct 21 at Pioneer Square relating to their efforts to shut down the Boardman coal-fired generating plant.  They would like to have a display showing how far the coal that Boardman consumes has to travel to get from eastern Wyoming to the Boardman plant on the Columbia River.  This is all I was given as the project description, so the task is wide open for design and artistic creativity. (FYI:  It takes 140 trains of 110 cars each to supply the coal to Boardman each year.)

The task could be as simple as a huge blowup of a map showing the transit route, or it could involve a computer generated display on a screen with moving objects to show the trains.   We would welcome any suggestions as to how to do this and will appreciate any help we can get on this.  Anyone who would like to do this may contact me directly.  
Thanks, Rodger Winn  // 1500 SW 11th Ave #401  Portland, OR 97201-3532
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