I Got Jokes

Posted on Mar 30th, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


Show Opens Thursday, April 2nd at 7-10pm
Compound Gallery: 107 NW 5th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97209

Compound Gallery
is proud to present an exhibition celebrating the humorous aspects of life. I GOT JOKES brings together emerging and established artists, designers, and illustrators with the sole purpose of making the viewer laugh. Each participant was chosen because of their abilities in the area of humor. Artist were chosen either because their work consistently exhibits or explores elements of humor or the artist is perceived to be a person of comedic talent. The works exhibited demonstrate the sense of humor of the artists and the variety of comedic expression that art presents.

Curated by PSUGD student Conrad Crespin

The participating I GOT JOKES artists are listed below (many participants are current PSUGD students and alumni)

Adam J. Kurtz, Alex DeSpain, Ben Woodcock, Brendan Mulligan, Bryan Zentz, Celestia Caredio, Cindy Sullivan, Dustin Williams, Elise Furlan, Joe Schlaud, Justin Morris, Lea Loo, Leo Eguiarte, Maxwell Mcmaster, Michelle Leigh, Michael Pimlott, Nimi Einstein, Olivia Storm, Patrick Adams, Rachael Bentz, Rico Macias-Zepeda, Ryan Bubnis, Sean Bucknam, Taryn Cowart / Zach Franceschi, Thomas Bradley, Tom O’Toole

About the Curator
Conrad Crespin is an artist and designer living in Portland, Oregon. He has exhibited at galleries across the country such as White Walls( San Francisco), Flatcolor Gallery( Seattle), One Grand Gallery(Portland), and ACNY( New York) among many others. His work has been featured in Semi Permanent, Sight Unseen, Exhibitionism, Fecal Face, etc. He is interested in the intersection of art & design, semiotics, collaborative efforts, and the intagible aspects of creative endeavors. Conrad will be curating several exhbitions at Compound Gallery this year.

About The Gallery
As an established and innovative venue, Compound Gallery’s goal is to respond quickly to what is happening in the local, national and international contemporary art scene. We strive to encourage artists to experiment freely and to create content that investigates new intersections among art, design and contemporary culture.

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