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Violet Reed

Violet is a detail-oriented designer with a passion for all things illustration. Her favorite projects are playful, interactive and full of bright colors. Much of her personal style is inspired by childhood memories, and her 13 years in Portland's Japanese immersion program. If you want to get her talking, ask about her favorite Podcasts.

Photo of Project 1

Lil' Devil Enamel Pin

This lapel pin is based on an old photo of me on my first Halloween. The design on the backing card is inspired by antique French poster art, and is printed in fluorescent orange Risograph ink.

Photo of Project 2

Moving Parts

This illustrated zine outlines my experience moving out of my childhood home and into my first apartment. My most recent edition of these 20 zines were featured in a zine vending machine in PSU's Art Annex.

Photo of Project 3

Isometric Bedroom

As a fan of early Sims computer games, I love to recreate familiar places as tidy isometric models. This is a stylized illustration of my teenage bedroom.

Photo of Project 4

Cookie Packaging

Inspired by Japanese snacks and the Steven Universe world, these kitten-shaped sandwich cookies come packaged in an interactive milk carton. The sides of the carton feature brain teasers and mazes, and the color scheme reflects the flavor of the cookies inside.