leafy green design

Name: Luis Hernadez

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Color: Dark Turquoise

– Illustration
– Packaging
– Screen Printing
– Apparel
– Animation


Luis is looking for a fancy job that's attracted to his skills in illustration and typography design. You can catch him playing basketball or in the wild on his free time, as it helps him when he needs some design inspiration. He loves the hip-hop-rap culture and enjoys integrating different elements from it into his design. When he grows up, he wants to own a t-shirt company.

Photo of Project 1

Atomik Energy

Atomik Energy is a branded energy drink that was made to look elementaly ill! Atomik flavors are each based on an element from the periodic table, but were aesthetically modernized by giving them the graffiti look. The goal of this brand was to cater towards the younger audience and hip hop/rap scene.

Photo of Project 2


Cochita shortbreads are branded cookies who’s visual aesthetic was inspired by the ancient animal carvings of the Aztecs. These delicious shortbread cookies come in three traditional fruit flavors, prickly pear, papaya and fig.

Photo of Project 3

Wu Tang – 36 Chambers of Death

This project was the rebranding of the critically acclaimed Wu -Tang album, Enter the Wu-Tang, 36 Chambers of Death. By emulating traditional ukiyo-e Japanese painting, you are able to to experience all 360 degrees of the Wu-tang's perfected styles.

Photo of Project 4

Through The Type

An installation piece where typography and the human perspective converge into one. It consisted of 14 curated typographic works based on 14 audible interviews, all centered around one question. What is one moment that changed your life?The intent of Through the Type was to show the audience a typographic window into every interviewee’s life changing event and by doing so bringing perspective to an unknown voice.