leafy green design

Name: Kaitlynn Romike

Star Sign: Cancer

Favorite Color: Blue

– Game Design
– Web Design
– Story Telling
– Illustration


Kaitlynn is a freak by day and a designer by night. She is looking for a game design job that is from a relatively small but close knit company. Her turn ons are using her design skills to raise the voices of people who aren’t typically heard because they’re held behind various societal, mental and/or physical barriers. She loves discovering new things and letting her curiosity lead her down whatever path it’ll take her. When she grows up she wants to be a good person who is loved by their family and friends.

Photo of Project 1


For this packaging project I was inspired by Norwegian culture and the traditional Christmas practice. Festive's are known to last for an entire month with plenty of food and alcoholic beverages to go around. Gefjon is known as the Goddess of gifting and makes for the perfect figurehead for this holiday beverage.

Photo of Project 2


This is a screenshot from my narrative website "Tiny". With sourced images, illustrations, a narrative and user interactions, I walk the user through the life of Tiny Broadwick and how she helped design and innovate parachute jumping.

Photo of Project 3


Project objective was to recreate an album cover and I decided on the artist Grimes. I was inspired by Claire's art direction in her music videos. She always alters the visual world to make it seem surreal and dream like.

Photo of Project 4


A screen shot from my web based game called "Tale". The user navigates through this lush land to stumble upon a strange, yet beautiful woman. What happens next is all up to how you interact with her.