leafy green design

Name: Emma Callender

Star Sign: Leo

Favorite Color: Teal

– Layout
– Campaigns
– Print Design


Emma is looking for a way to break down the barriers in the outdoor field through visual information and advocacy. Her turn ons are equal opportunities and inclusive branding. She loves getting her hands dirty on projects or in the woods and spends her time pushing for an end to inequalities. When she grows up she wants to be an visual outdoor advocate, opening up doors to the unknown for everyone everywhere.

Photo of Project 1


Bad-Ass is a magazine about self-identifying women thriving and striving for greatness in the outdoor industry. The magazine features articles and stories highlighting women who are advocating for equality and pushing boundaries in the outdoors.

Photo of Project 2


Prost! Winery was created for the beginner wine drinker, with a bright white bottle and fun pattern to draw in the younger audience. The patterns were inspired by the Memphis art movement and combined with a dynamic wordmark to keep the entire bottle exciting and unique.

Photo of Project 3

Unequal Access

Editorial infographic for an article on the inequalities in the outdoor industry.

Photo of Project 4


A Swedish soap brand created from only the basic ingredients and inspired by its minimal lifestyle. The serif typeface combined with a modern sans serif is used to draw the audience in with a known, classic style, as well as show that the company is still moving forward with the new sans serif.