leafy green design

Name: Anna Slusser

Star Sign: Taurus

Favorite Color: Deep Red

– Visual Story Telling
– Ideation
– Board Game Design
– Illustration


Anna is an obsessive researcher by day and a netflix-and-coder by night. She is looking for a job at a small firm or an in-house position where she can wear a lot of hats (physically and metaphorically). Turn ons include color coding, being bossy and getting stuff done. Her guilty pleasure is succeeding at things where she has previously failed. When she grows up she wants to be a master gardener.

Photo of Project 1


GameKeeper is an app designed to help boardgamers keep track of who they've loaned their games out to, and who they might be able to borrow games from. The creation of this app sprung from my love of my vast library of weird and rare boardgames and my love of sharing them!

Photo of Project 2

Grimoire Ritual Spirits

Grimoire Ritual Spirits is a vodka brand for witchy folk. Each vodka is infused with herbs to help you cast just the right spell... and get wriggety wrecked while doing it!

Photo of Project 3


This poster is for an identity package for the local, Air Raid Roller Girls (or ARRG for short). ARRG is a non-profit with it's sights set on women's empowerment via the sport of roller derby. This branding package includes some fun stuff like a bus wrap and membership cards, too! Come see it in full at FRESH!

Photo of Project 4

The Crimson Horror

The Crimson Horror is a book about the use of red in horror films. Being a huge horror buff, I had a ton of fun writing the copy for and designing this book!