leafy green design

Name: Andrea Maldonado

Star Sign: Leo

Favorite Color: Orange

– Print Layout
– Ideation
– Production
– Typography


Andrea is looking for a special job that allows her to provide an outlet for people who don’t have a voice, inspires her every day, and allows her to grow as a designer and a human. Her guilty pleasure is print layout combined with bold and bright typography with a little spunk sprinkled in for good measure. When she grows up, she wants to help her Latin Community grow and inspire by having her own studio.

Photo of Project 1

Muchacha Susia

The magazine Entirely Witten in Spanglish for the LatinX community to finally have a publication of there own to experience.

Photo of Project 2


Inspired by the strong and brute Frida. Pulling from the fellow Latina's sketches to inspire not only the illustration but the packaging it self.

Photo of Project 3

Khalid – American Teen

Inspired by Khalid an R&B American singer and songwriter, best known for his debut single, “Location”. Pulling from his youthful lyrics and soulful sound to redesign an album cover.