Trae Sirimanodham

Art Direction Branding Publication Design Web Design Photography

Being a photography and design enthusiast, I approach my work with a holistic perspective and enjoy every aspect of curating. Across my mediums I draw inspiration from human experiences and focus on abstraction, as well as minimalism. Melon’choly is a common theme that is visited and introduced within my work.

Why Watermelon?
Have you ever seen Marlon Webb’s watermelon vines? You never heard of vine?!

  • Sola offers yearly yoga teacher trainings and continuing education programs in anatomy, therapeutics, and socially engaged practices. I was challenged with creating a brand identity for a foundation that was already established.

  • Miles Carter takes poetry in a different direction by utilizing Youtube as his medium. What if this abnormality was pushed a little further and the medium was a web browser?

  • Like a picture, a poster is worth a thousand words. Taking a poster illustrated by Alberto Perez Chamosa I utilized HTML and CSS to bring it to life.

  • As the days progress, effective communication seems to become more and more of a rare commodity. Is society to blame or should we as individuals be held more accountable for our actions?