Melanie von Trapp

Hi! My name is Melanie and I am a huge believer in visual communication as a force of good in the world. Graphic design has a subtle but impactful effect on our lives and helps to move good ideas forward. It is also a conduit for learning about the world as one must observe and synthesize information in order to make effective design choices. Solving design problems with an enthusiastic team of people from different backgrounds is my ideal environment to work. But in the words of Saul Bass, work is just serious play. With goals to continue school in urban design or architecture, I see graphic design as an integral part of my future and a life-long passion.

Why Raspberry?
The raspberry is the edible fruit of a myriad of plant species in the genus Rubus of the rose family-- a hearty, invasive plant. My connection with the raspberry begins as a young child in the Rocky Mountains when most summer mornings required picking a gallon of berries before breakfast. Due to the rough and thorny qualities of the plant, as well as it’s propensity to house spiders of many terrifying shapes and sizes, picking raspberries was character building, according to my father. However, the tart berries were always sweeter for it and the vast multitude of raspberry pies in my youth leave a lasting fond memory.