May Hijikuro

Branding Package Design Page Layout Illustration Story-Telling

Hello! My name is May and I'm a Seattle born, Portland raised Japanese-American graphic designer. Switching from nursing to business to education, I stumbled upon graphic design in 2016. I love telling visual stories in a meaningful way that can make an impact on people, no matter how big or small. I also like to create silly and playful things to make the world a little more light and fun. I am passionate about a lot of things, including other people's passions. Working with others and connecting with people is my absolute jam.

Why Strawberry?
They're BERRY cute and sweet :)

  • Yōkai Calendar — "Yōkai" are strange and supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore like monsters, demons, and goblins. Typically portrayed as "scary," they are just lonely misfits that want to make friends. So I made a compact 2020 desk calendar depicting these creatures with a friendly illustration style that also has space to slide in a pencil box to save space on your desk.

  • Frida Kahlo Exhibition — Campaign pieces for a special one week Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Museum of History and Discovery. Inspired by "Day of the Dead" art, the pieces include colorful and ornamental patterns. The exhibition will be featuring Frida Kahlo's work and guests will learn more about her life as a legacy.

  • Samidare Stationary — Branding and brand book guidelines for a Japanese stationary brand that I created. I wanted to introduce the innovative Japanese stationary to America, utilizing Japanese and English for the wordmark. It is a reflection of my childhood growing up Japanese American and "not belonging" in either world, but soon learning to embrace both cultures and bridging the them together.

  • Westworld Album — A vinyl record album cover for the soundtrack of the HBO hit show "Westworld." The show is about a fictional, technologically advanced Wild-West themed park with androids known as "hosts." It is the perfect blend of sci-fi, thriller, and mystery. Includes a vinyl, jacket, and cassette tape packaging.