Max Ettel

Web Design Creative Coding UI UX

Hello, I’m Max. I am a graphic designer focused on digital work. I enjoy working in Web and Creative Coding (primarily Processing). I love to explore new ways of creating engaging user experiences, whether it’s through conventional means, or experimental. I love to mess around and create new things — to test the waters with what I can do. Right now I want to find a studio environment where I can learn and improve my skills. Whether it’s on a small team, or a large one, I want to be somewhere where I can learn from skilled designers.

Why Oranges?
Oranges are the most average citrus. They don’t have any serious bitter or sour flavors. They can work well on their own, as well as in conjunction with other things. You can eat them in a few different ways (I used to know this dude who would eat it with the peel), and they make great juice. Also, Vitamin C is great for immune systems. I just find them likable, and while I do like other fruit, oranges are just an easy pick for me.