Lisa Kohn

Page Layout Typography Illustration Brand Identity Print Production

Hello, my name is Lisa! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I enjoy design that is thoughtful and engaging, and also has a purpose. I love working with different printed materials and techniques, whether it be for a gig poster or a nice editorial issue.

Why Mandarins?
They are my favorite fruit and easy to take anywhere with you because they are so small. And they are called “cuties”, so that’s a plus.

  • AMP’D: A magazine project geared towards women and non–cis male engineers and musicians working in the music industry. AMP’D gives a voice to badass individuals in the music scene.

  • Black Water: Black Water is an all ages venue that hosts mostly punk and metal shows with a history of using black letter typography. This rebrand broadens their reach as an approachable and inclusive space by using a contemporary style of black letter. In this marketing strategy I emphasized the all ages and inclusive community they provide.

  • KPSU: As Multimedia Director at KPSU, Portland State’s radio station, I provided promotional materials for campus shows and events.

  • PRIMP: A magazine project that provides and engages thoughtful feminist responses to harmful beauty and feminine products, and challenges the social constructions of a woman’s image. The design of Primp utilizes white space, an unexpected narrow layout, black and white print treatment. A different colored paper correlates to each issue.