Kevin Lu

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Hi! My name is Kevin and I'm a graphic designer who loves to tell stories through a combination of conceptual thinking and beautiful executions. This has led me to my primary focus on editorial design and brand identities. However, I am constantly trying new things and looking for ways to learn and grow as a designer!

Why Lemon?
When life gives you lemons, eat that shit raw.

  • <49 is a conceptual rebrand for the Sundance Institute's annual Short Film Tour. This rebrand focuses on the 49 minute maximum length independently created films by playing upon the visual cues of camcorders and home videos.

  • The Daily Log is a notebook created to track the aspects of daily life in an organized yet visually compelling way.

  • Machus is a contemporary menswear retailer located in Portland, Oregon. This rebranding was to create an identity that resonates with their story and local community and culture, while still remaining contemporary and relevant within the fashion industry.

  • Regular is a conceptual magazine focusing on the absurdity of the intersection between online culture and reality. Through typography, color, and aesthetics, the visual language of each article is meant to echo the voice and tone of the information presented.