Kate Haas

Art Direction Strategy Campaigns Motion Video UX

Hiya. I’m Kate. I came to Portland State University from the East Coast, but was raised in the Midwest long enough to adopt “ope” for life. My passion is work that is emotionally intelligent, connecting big ideas with big feelings. From unboxing a new fragrance to that commercial that really, reeeeally made you want to call your mom — stories and experiences are all around us, and I want to be a part of that. When I’m not glued to my screen (said with love), I can usually be found on a mountain, working for a view and dreaming of my next snack.

Why Mango?
Fun fact: As a raw vedge-o, I eat at least three mangos a day. And you are what you eat, so… This got existential? Moving on.

  • This concept rebrand for Oregon Ballet forces old world to meet the new, as it disconnects from old connotations of “ballet” and refocuses its energy toward more organic movement and storytelling for a new generation. This project takes an environmental design approach, and is rich in contemporary design and intellectual content, attracting new viewers — lovers of art and culture who might not have previously considered dance.

  • Designed, styled and photographed to evoke the dark, violent, but sexy instrumentals heard in Vessel’s “Punish Honey” album. Without lyrics to draw from, I found inspiration in Hanns Heinz Ewers 1911 horror novel, Alraune. The novel is concerned with mandragora mythology, Lilith, and a cursed bounty of wealth. The piece is driven entirely by visual language and tonality, making it an exciting challenge.

  • The Daunting is an experiential website that takes users to the four deadliest mountain ascents in the world. The website provides information such as infographics, stats and routes, but also tells the stories of each route's first ascenders. The website relies on motion, thoughtful user interactions, and narrative to capture an immersive and intriguing user experience.