Brennan Hidde

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Hi there! My name is Brennan. I am a graphic designer who loves any form of design that tells a story. From illustration to copywriting to lettering to branding, I am interested in work that connects people with other people in a meaningful way. As such, I thrive when working with others and am keen to create lasting professional relationships. My ultimate goal is to work on a small design team where I can do good and meaningful work with like-minded creatives. In my spare time (I hear that’s a thing) you will find me building legos or drawing with my kids. My ultimate dream is to someday write and illustrate my own children’s book. I also really like pizza.

Why Pineapple?
Honestly, I don’t remember the source for this, but there was a blog post I read a while back about how we should all strive to be like Pineapples; we should stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside. I really like that, even if it is a bit cheesy. More importantly, though, pineapples look really great in sunglasses…so there’s that too.