Allison Nordin

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Hi everyone! My name is Allison, I'm a web designer with a love for projects that challenge me and give me room to learn. Outside of web design, I enjoy branding, illustration, and web development. My ideal job is one where I get to create killer websites with a close-knit team of people committed to good design and ethical work. I love projects that help people understand new perspectives and start deep conversations. When I am not designing you can find me on long walks taking pictures of tiny flowers, playing board games with my hubby, or daydreaming about travel plans and kittens.

Why pluots?
When I was very little my next door neighbor had a pluot tree and some of my favorite childhood memories are of eating her pluots every summer. I still remember how sad I was when my family moved and I realized my new neighbor would not have a pluot tree.

  • My thesis website on racism and mass incarceration takes an in-depth look at the role of white christians in the creation of those systems of oppression and why it is our job to fix them. You can view the website at

  • The Third Wheel Coffee brand was designed to encompass the unique flare of a 3-wheeled Italian truck as well as the delicious Italian coffee brewed inside.

  • Divine Threads is an organization that helps women recovering from hardships find new love for their bodies with a new wardrobe, hair, and makeup makeover. The design of the website was meant to highlight the beautiful characteristics of the house the organization operates in, as well as the love and passion the owners have for their work. You can view the website at

  • The Dunder Mifflin Paper ream is one of my most well-known projects in the design program and still a personal favorite. I created icons for the main characters in The Office TV show and used them to design a Micheal Scott approved ream of paper.