Sloane Ackerman

UX/UI Web Design Branding

Sloane Ackerman was named after a popular 80’s movie and has since then developed a joy for digital design and exploring UX/UI. Mostly though, she likes to collaborate and problem solve with other people, especially if there’s pizza. When she isn’t glued to a screen you might find her at her favorite coffee shop or in a park doodling things from life or her imagination, enjoying a coffee or on rare occasions a book.

  • Gorge Performance is a local surf shop in Portland, Oregon. This project is a rebrand and a web refresh that was aimed at making their overall brand and online presence feel more authentic and in tuned with the company culture.

  • Maurice is a local restaurant inspired by the owners Scandinavian roots and her background in French cooking. Located downtown in a small but gorgeous space, their current site didn’t reflect the in person aesthetic. For this project I redesigned their website and some other collateral.

  • Most people like plants, I know I do. I like most people, end up accidentally killing them because I honestly have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to care. Plantz is an app aimed to help people with similar problems or those new to plant owning try to avoid this. This resource allows you to keep track of all your plant, and watering needs. Not only that but it’s a direct and simple resource for all your informational needs.

  • School of Living Arts is a yoga collective that wants to make yoga more inclusive and accessible. For this project I work to develop a full branding system that felt modern and personal just like them. A key component of this project was a site design since the collective main presence is online.