Robby Day

research art direction typography illustration

Pronouns: He, him, his

Robby uses research, intuition, and accidents across a variety of mediums including drawing, photography, books, prints, sound, time, and software to push boundaries and thoughtfully engage with people. His work began as an outlet for coping with the turbulence of living under a fundamentalist Pentecostal community in rural Georgia and with the difficult process of escaping it. Critically shaped by this experience, he pursues design work to learn, question, and engage with ideas about authenticity, cognition, belief, relationships of power, the production of meaning, the inner life of nonhuman things, and contemporary culture.

  • Eight is a typeface for after the end of the world.

  • While Wallowa County, OR, is promoted to tourists as a return to nature for an authentic rural western experience, Some Home presents a real place in the modern world and invites viewers to consider perspectives outside of the nostalgic idealization of the rural northwest.

  • The imagery used in this poster for musician John Maus tries to capture essential elements of his music: old world harmonies meeting the kaleidoscopic paranoia of life under global capitalism.

  • Exworld is a journal about living and dying in the Anthropocene and the subtle ways global warming manifests itself in economies and cultures.