Morgan Bailey

Page layout illustration Print Design

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Morgan Bailey is a graphic designer residing in Portland, Oregon. Raised in California, Morgan has always had a love for the outdoors which serves as inspiration for her designs. She enjoys diving deep into research with each new design challenge and is passionate about typography, page layout, and illustration. Her interest lies in print design and hopes to make meaningful connections and bring others closer to one another through her designs. When she’s not busy designing, you will most likely find her out at her favorite skatepark.

  • Skateboard
    As the skateboard industry continues to become more inclusive, it’s time for the ladies to gain attention is other areas of the industry as well. A line of skateboard decks that keep femininity in mind.

  • Magazine Spreads
    A magazine dedicated to the women who are pushing boundaries, breaking norms, and smashing stereotypes within the skateboard industry.

  • Earthquake Timeline
    A timeline of the world’s most notable earthquakes made to resemble seismic waves that are recorded during an earthquake.

  • Typography Spread
    Using JFK’s famous Berlin speech, this magazine spread explores how ideas can be communicated in design layout through differences in typographic composition.