Lisa Dorn

branding packaging illustration page layout interested in motion

Pronouns: She, her, hers

She gets her inspiration from spending time out on walks, randomly photographing anything that catches her eye. When not working or out walking, you are likely to find her at a local venue replenishing her soul on some good vibing music.

  • Dandy Warhols
    An engaging gate folded collectors album with pop-up band members and limited edition 7” albums featuring the band members’ favorite song.

  • Eames Gallery Show Booklet
    An event brochure booklet as quirky and fun as the Eames themselves.

  • Portland Sign Language Book
    A book about signs in Portland and peoples relationships to them. Included are a book, folder, walking map and a special edition interactive sign seeing booklet.

  • Tabor Cold Brew
    Branding, illustrations and collateral for a beverage company located in Portland Oregon. I chose the animals, flavors and colors to go with the Northwest vibe here in Portland.