Khalid Getahun

Branding Packaging Environmental Apparel

Pronouns: He, him, his

Khalid Getahun is a graphic designer who is interested in packaging, branding and using design to create a visual experience. He is inspired by hip hop culture, sports, and new tech. He loves being able to tinker, experiment and being in an environment that allows for growth and improvement. To him, life is about being better tomorrow than the day before.

  • Type Beast
    The cover for Typebeast magazine. The magazine is a cross between graphic design trends and street fashion and culture.

  • Forest Hills Drive
    A limited edition album package for J Coleís Forest Hills Drive Album.

  • FL Studio
    Logo design and rebrand for the music production company FL Studio.

  • F-Series Classics
    An illustrated stamp collection commemorating the most popular Ford trucks.