Jackie Verdin

Illustration Motion packaging page layout branding

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Jackie is a proud cat and dog mom who always wants to learn and try new things. Her passions are illustration and design with an interest in motion graphics as well. One of her favorite things to do is to make people smile through her work. She also enjoys creating work that tells a story and being able to share it with others.

  • Calmatea
    Calmatea is a concept for a new iced tea beverage to start the day off right. Calmatea is inspired by the word “calmate” which means “take it easy” in Spanish.

  • Myths About Introverts
    This is a motion graphic animation that tackles the common misconceptions about introverts in a fun and simple way.

  • Ramune
    An infographic about a famous Japanese soda brand called Ramune. This is to help those who are not very familiar with this unique soda.

  • How to Grow Vegetables
    A fun way to help new gardeners how to properly grow their vegetables in the form of a magazine.