Gordon Chan

Branding Illustration Page Layout Concept Art

Pronouns: He, him, his

Gordon Chan is a lover of bread and art. Originated in Salem, Oregon, you can find him in his natural habitat; art museums, parks, and bakeries. He is a mix media artist in FINE arts and is a progressive Graphic Designer. He is a real trendsetter, a go-getter, but builds his designs on traditional foundations and methods. His main focus after graduation is to help modernize local establishments, while enhancing their unique personalities. Gordon has dabbled in Adobe Illustrator, XD, and Lightroom. His current works are created mainly in Photoshop and Indesign, his prefered softwares. Do you have an idea or concept too weird for the modern day-to-day designer? Slide into @GRDNCHN’s DMs and he will bring them to life. He accepts dough (both edible and monetized) as payment.

  • Bread & Butter
    These are promotional posters for a campaign on bread baking workshops. Through these structured social gatherings, Gordon educated people on the fundamentals of baking and encouraged conversations about social and local issues.

  • Little Book Of Herbs
    Besides art and eating, Gordon also loves botanicals and gardening. Part of his earlier student works, He created a book to promote the act of gardening with selective herbs that are used daily in most cuisines.

  • Shoe Collection
    A personal taxonomy project, Gordon takes inventory of all the shoes he owns from most to least worn. These photoshop-rendered pair of converse shoes is his most worn and sentimental.

    This is another personal project Gordon is working on. As a noun, accord is an official agreement or treaty, as a verb it means to give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition). This project is a series of photo collage and is a pact Gordon has made to himself to progress his skills in photoshop.