Georgia Hatchett

art direction type design

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Georgia Hatchett is a designer. She is a friend. She is a talker and a listener. She is constantly observing, questioning, documenting her surroundings. She is inspired by the expansive power of design, this also scares her a little. Georgia does her best thinking on the bus. Georgia Hatchett is a designer.

  • BFA Catalog 2019. A print publication documenting the works and statements of Portland State’s graduating BFA program. Collaboration with Colin Davis and Leah Maldonado.

  • AXL: AXL is a magazine focused on creating community and discourse for underrepresented individuals who have been pushed out and excluded from wheel culture.

  • Flourish: Art direction and branding for Flourish, an event put on by the College of the Arts at Portland State University inviting prospective donors to get a glimpse of the amazing work being done in the College of the Arts.

  • GYR: Typeface design inspired by the Gyrfalcon. 

  • GYR: Typeface design inspired by the Gyrfalcon.