Duy Nguyen

Illustration branding package design

Pronouns: He, him, his

  • Flying Lotus You’re Dead Record: A fun and bloody redesign of Flying Lotus’ album, “You’re Dead”, a crazy experimental album with the visuals to compliment it.

  • What if the in the original Godzilla films, the military not only had to deal with the Kaiju that are attacking cities but also the crazy fanatics that fight for them? The KDC is that group of Kaiju fanatics and they are risking everything to see the success of Godzilla.

  • As film magazine for film nerds, Spec magazine was meant to be a deep dive into the processes of filmmaking in hopes of inspiring future filmmakers to make films of their own.

  • Premium chocolate bars that source the finest of ingredients however, the catch is only a single batch is made of each flavor.