Chandler Cort

Type Design Hand Lettering Design Thinking

Pronouns: He, him, his

Chandler’s a graphic designer who’s interested in complex systems, facilitating shared knowledge, and ephemeral pieces. I believe design is intended to create solutions to problems in our daily lives. The best way to do that is to invest time into fully understanding the problems.
My focus is design thinking. Most of the work in my process is spent conducting materials research, testing, and analog work. I know how to identify trends in my field, and have the ability to follow them, or break away from them if I feel it may provide a more fruitful outcome.

  • This essay is a brief history on the history of asemic writing.

  • Boxcar is a contemporary magazine that compares the worlds of type design and graffiti.

  • This poster series addresses the complexities of interaction in the era of social media.

  • This album cover is packed with handwritten lyrics, and yes my wrist still hurts.