Bao Phan

layout brand design strategy systems thinking human-centered design

Pronouns: He, him, his

Bao Q Phan is a human-centered designer who enjoys crafting integrated, holistic, strategically informed design solutions that respond to complex and challenging problems. Fueled by a natural sense of curiosity and empathy, a broad education in multiple disciplines of classical and contemporary arts, and a multicultural, immigrant, urbanist background, Bao weaves globalized, contextualized identities and perspectives into his theory and practice, utilizing both analytic and synthetic thinking to deeply understand human problems so as to design thoughtful, effective, and affective experiences. When not designing, he enjoys singing, live theatre, dance, strolling in the city, coffee, sushi, travelling, and playing.

  • Itineraries, a thesis exhibition exploring various pathways people from Viet Nam have come to the US

  • A proposed rebrand concept for the Arts Council of Lake Oswego (ACLO), a non-profit arts organization in the Portland metro area

  • A brand and package design for Kokoro Chocolate, a fictional high-end craft chocolate company

  • A series of illustrated postage stamps celebrating modernist architecture in the US