Anh Ton

UX UI Branding Book Design Typeface Design

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Annie Ton is a digital designer who is passionate about user experience, user interface, and book design. Being raised in Vietnam, she understands the power of empathy as a key to designing universal experiences for any projects. Annie loves to see beautiful design, but believes that accessibility is important, and loves to spend time on user testing, and usability.

She love to travel (6 countries and counting), listen to classical music, design typefaces, and enjoys one-on-one conversation. She deeply cares about accessibility and inclusivity.

  • UX and UI design for Hostr – A Party Planning Assistant App.

  • UI design for an app that helps people who have overdosed find the help they need.

  • Rang Danh Tai Tri Viet Nam (Renowned Vietnamese talents): Design for a book honoring global Vietnamese talents.

  • SOLA – Branding design for School of Contemplative arts, a yoga studio in Portland, Oregon.