Amy Puckett

Branding Package design Page layout

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Amy Puckett is a designer originally from Bend, OR. Within the realm of design, Amy tends to be most drawn to branding and packaging, page layout, designing spaces, and art direction. She appreciates how design regularly allows for creativity in new and varying ways, and she values the way design is applied to so many different topics that bring opportunities to learn all sorts of new things. Design isn’t her only creative outlet, however, as she also really enjoys photography and occasionally drawing and painting. Outside of all this, Amy also particularly enjoys traveling, listening to music, playing games, and awing over cats.

  • A Legacy of Invention: The Work of Charles and Ray Eames
    This project was designed to have an elegant and timeless feeling, much like the work of Ray and Charles Eames, while also capturing an art gallery vibe through the use of open space.

  • Consume
    This branding project was designed to be a playful, eye-catching, and punchy lemonade drink inspired by bold colors as well as a pop-art and comic-like style.

  • Peaky Blinders Season One Soundtrack
    This gatefold vinyl package is intended to be for the season one soundtrack of Netflix’s Peaky Blinders. It is inspired by imagery and feelings evoked within the show.

  • Tier Magazine
    This project is intended to be a quarterly magazine all about cheese that has a somewhat sophisticated yet still approachable style meant to share beautiful imagery, recipes, and information related to cheese.