Veronique Tran

3D Design AR/VR Experiences Motion Design UX/UI

Hello! I'm Veronique and I'm a 3D enthusiast. Back in my sophomore year, I've always been fascinated with 3D art by talented artists on multiple creative platforms and wished I could make something like that. So I decided to not let dreams be just dreams and have been self-teaching how to render 3D illustrations and playing around with other immersive + interactive media like AR and VR since. The journey has been wild so far. And I'm very lucky to have my friends, teachers, and mentors supporting and providing critical feedback to improve my work. If there's one thing I want you to take away from my design, it's to create a fun experience for you to enjoy and share with others whether it's an illustration, an animation or a cool Instagram filter :)

  • Small World
    This was sort of a challenge I set for myself as I was used to rendering a still shot of abstract shapes. I wanted to make something with a narrative, or that you could make up one for it. So I turned familiar spots around me into small 3D landscapes, and this was one of them.

  • Alice
    This was made as part of a fictional event branding project for the Oregon Ballet Theatre. The theme that I went with was Disney's classic ever after stories using collages of 3D renderings of key items from each story juxtapositioned with a dancer's body movement. Guess which classic this one's from (hint: the name).

  • Transition No.1
    A 3D illustration as a part of my mini-series called "Transition" and named in order from 1-3. This was made with the intention of slowly easing out from a current palette to another without going too far off of my previous designs.

  • Hot Summer
    Portland summers are really hot! So instead of going out and getting seared, I stayed home and made this render you see here. It's sunny, bright, with a surrendering hand in the middle of knocked over pillars. Mood.

  • Majestic AR Filter
    A very recent experiment with AR of mine. This was inspired by face jewelry worn in many Asian cultures, with a bit of a surreal take.