Saki Niwayama

Concepting Photography Resin Art Infographic

Saki is a designer and photographer from Japan. She also studied marketing and advertising, which deepened her understanding of the ideation process. Saki loves prints and tangible art; resin and alcohol ink are her go-to. Saki uses paint, photography, and digital design to tell a story.

  • This album cover design is for one of the most talented pianists in the world Nobuyuki Tsujii who is completely blind. His music is like a river of beautiful colors that can be seen in my painting by alcohol inks. So, I depicted the gap between the fact he is facing in the real world as the blind and the beautiful scenes he is seeing in his mind with the paint and black mounting board that is laser cut. I also used braille on the cover for people who are suffering blindness to understand this album.

  • This Travel Postcards Project is showing the Japanese places that has interesting stories with the flat color illustrations like the paper cut art. Each postcard has description about the place on the cover.

  • The purpose of this infographic poster is to help viewers to understand complicated story of the Japanese anime “Your Name”. The complicated life of two high school students who swap bodies are explained with the combination of pie-chart and bars.

  • For this Magazine Cover Project redesign, I used primary colors with the texture for the illustration of the character which represents the USPS worker. Red and Blue show the characteristic of the US election, and the illustration shows that the USPS can make the election more friendly and convenient.

  • Photography gave me so much opportunity to meet creative people in Portland and helped me to get the better eyes for balance and colors for design.