Rachel Morton

Packaging Page Layout Typography Brand Identity

Hi, I'm Rachel. I've always had a passion for design and process. Whether that be through crafting with my hands or on the screen, I enjoy research and the beginning phases of creating a foundation for a design. I love getting to express my ideas through visual communication as well as bringing other peoples' ideas to life. I am interested in packaging, layout, and brand identities. I hope to be part of a collaborative, team environment after Fresh and continue telling and making stories.

  • Siesta Siesta Tequila
    A branding and packaging project that mirrors the relaxing, soothing, waves of the ocean. Intended for purely for kicking back and relaxing.

  • John's Marketplace
    Ad for John’s Marketplace capturing the offerings of the deli side of the Market. Inspired by 60’s Music posters I was able to use photoshop to create a similar style.

  • Our Daily Greens
    A logo created for a microgreens company. It has an illustrated microgreen that draws the eye across the name.

  • This series of posters is a call to action to help save the bees. It shed’s light on the alarming disappearance of bees and ways we can help.

  • Sound magazine highlights artist’s new music. It is dedicated to showcase one artist a month and their new music. June: Tyler, the Creator. “IGOR”.