Marino Wada

Brand Identity Package design Craft Print Design

Hello! Marino is a curiosity-driven designer skilled in branding and packaging. Her former study in international communication leads her interest in developing a visual language that can be translated into various media forms. With print projects particularly, she likes to challenge herself to experiment with formats in order to enhance a message and user experience. Her goal is to create a universal design that can be understood by people of any cultural background. She always tries and enjoys exploring new stuff including design techniques, craft tools, coffee shops, and more!

  • Take Apart Instagram
    An infographic project about Instagram that combines the recent Instagram interface and the old windows (95-98) aesthetic. It creates a clear contrast between old and new while displaying a range of internet advancements.

  • Korean Student Association
    Korean Student Association sets a goal in spreading and sharing Korean culture through the community. As a part of the rebranding of KSA, she created a new logo and design system that delivers a fresh, professional, and organized look.

  • Korea Night
    Art direction of a Korean cultural event that KSA hosts annually. With a theme of time travel, she created the event visuals to invite not only the people who are familiar with the culture but also people with no Korean cultural experience.

  • Sushi Playing Cards
    Sushi Playing Cards are designed to promote sushi culture to those who aren't well aware. The Japanese words indicate a type of sushi to help players learn and get familiar with the Japanese words while they're playing.

  • SOC
    SOC is a hypothetical sock brand that sets the brand mission: Start the day a bit happier. The objective of this brand is to turn the idea of socks as consumable goods into a special piece to enhance the quality of a day. The brand marks consist of rounded shapes and lines which stand for comfort and relaxation.