Kennedy Barrera-Cruz

UX/UI Illustration Branding Animation

Kennedy LOVES DIGITAL DESIGN! She really loves spending her time looking at UI designs from the early/mid-2000s but also dabbles in illustration/animation. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her cats and binge eating while watching RuPauls Drag Race season 6 (only).

  • Know more/Grow more
    A postcard made for Timber Press and their parent company, Workman Publishing. This design was created to promote some of Timber Press’ summer “must-have” books. The visual components emphasize the love Timber Press has for plants and their message of knowledge being synonymous with growth.

  • Trans & Friends
    A UI/UX project created for and by the trans community. It is a dating app that emphasizes the welcoming of all people by incorporating queer language/culture in efforts to reinforce a safe dating environment.

  • Willamette Week Prid
    This cover is a celebration of all queer people in the Portland area for the month of Pride. It celebrates every type of queer person and their queer experience. (Published on June 12, 2019)

  • Sisters
    An illustrated poster relating to my relationship with my sisters and the love we have for our indigenous roots. The hair represents self-love and trying to find healing within a colonized art institution.

  • The New York City Trans Oral History Project
    A current web design project for the New York Public Library. This project is about highlighting the transgender experience in New York City and documenting transgender resistance and resilience.