Jackson Foxcroft

Page Layout Brand Identity Packaging Illustration

Hello, my name is Jackson, born and raised in Southern California. Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for design. After making the move to Portland, I’ve sharpened my skills and refined my style. I love the feeling of seeing my final creations come to life through print. I thrive when branding and creating ideas around a story. I’m excited to use my designs to inspire others, share stories, and spark enthusiasm.

  • Geneva Grounds
    A complete coffee brand inspired by an overwhelming passion for all things coffee.

  • The Music The Goodness
    A specially curated magazine; A lovingly-tended curatorium of all things music.

  • Buttertones
    A record album developed for the Buttertones' new sound while still exuding their Beach Gothic roots.

  • Ludgate
    A classic whiskey brand; bringing authentic whiskey to the world via small Irish fishing villages.