Erika Nathanielsz

Brand Identity Editorial UX/UI

Hello, my name is Erika. My love for design stems from the process of exploration, collaboration, and ultimately, creating something tangible that originally started as just a spark of an idea. I am interested in expressing design holistically through various mediums such as brand identity, editorial, and user experience.

    The Black American History Museum is a self initiated hypothetical museum that I created, inspired by a wanting for more spaces like this to exist. History, the use of language, and symbolism were all greatly taken into consideration in the creation of this project. The deliverables for this project includes logo variation, space design, promotional materials and business cards.

    For my Intro to Motion Graphics class, we were given the assignment to use our skills that we were taught throughout the term, and create something that we would be proud of. Since I am a huge space-nerd, I used this opportunity to create a video around Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot excerpt. I fell in love with this project so much, that I created a zine to go with it. (The motion project can be found on my website :])

    Soft Skin is a packaging design project that I created over the summer for fun. I wanted to experiment with making a playful yet modern design that I could see in stores.

    Tired Girl Mag is a physical magazine and website that contains articles on self-care practices. Throughout this design, I carefully laid out the text and imagery to create airiness, yet wanted variation through each article spread.