Anna Todorov

Branding & Packaging Illustrations Editorial Design Pattern Design

Hello! My name is Anna, nice to meet you! I’m an adopted Portlander, in love with the city and its unique vibe. I’m also a graphic designer who enjoys telling a story by giving it its own visual language with the help of my good friend Adobe CS. I like to blend both working on the computer and working with my hands, exploring the intersection of digital and physical design. When I’m not designing, printing, or trimming paper, I can be found hiking in Forest Park with my Chiweenie, reading a book under a tree, or hand-crafting chocolate truffles for my family.

I can’t wait to further explore and develop my passion for graphic design in Portland’s creative community.

  • Mingo is a luxurious cosmetic company, providing exceptional skin care to people of all ages, offering the ultimate rejuvenation experience. Helvetica’s delicate strokes and Memoriam’s flourished lowercase g create an unique combination for an easily recognized logotype. The imagery incorporated in the packaging design is closely related to the origins of Mingo’s main ingredient, found only in the Amazonian rain forest. The illustrations compliment the logotype, generating a smooth blend between positive and negative space. They are intentionally rounded to emulate and follow the flourish of the g.

  • The illustrations belong to a set of 12 characters for a 12-month wall calendar, named Tra-La-La. The hand-drawn characters were digitized in Adobe Capture and manipulated in Illustrator. They were inspired by precious childhood memories and infused with European folklore.

  • Simply Two is a quarterly art publication. Its simplistic design provides easy eye flow and minimal visual noise. The magazine offers only two articles, covering new artists in each issue. Simply Two is a quiet printed place, where everyone can relax and enjoy a moment of serenity.

  • Beautiful Bulgaria is a web site, designed to promote the natural beauty of a small European country. The site provides a visual journey across the country, taking the audience from high mountain ranges to the serenity of the Black Sea coast and the cultural heritage of Bulgaria's capital Sofia. The photography is accompanied by icons and text, providing additional information for excellent user experience.